Review: The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout



Rating: 3.5 Bookworms

Goodreads Synopsis:

For some people, silence is a weapon. For Mallory “Mouse” Dodge, it’s a shield. Growing up, she learned that the best way to survive was to say nothing. And even though it’s been four years since her nightmare ended, she’s beginning to worry that the fear that holds her back will last a lifetime.

Now, after years of homeschooling with loving adoptive parents, Mallory must face a new milestone—spending her senior year at public high school. But of all the terrifying and exhilarating scenarios she’s imagined, there’s one she never dreamed of—that she’d run into Rider Stark, the friend and protector she hasn’t seen since childhood, on her very first day.

It doesn’t take long for Mallory to realize that the connection she shared with Rider never really faded. Yet the deeper their bond grows, the more it becomes apparent that she’s not the only one grappling with the lingering scars from the past. And as she watches Rider’s life spiral out of control, Mallory faces a choice between staying silent and speaking out—for the people she loves, the life she wants, and the truths that need to be heard.

My Thoughts:

So initially I was totally into this book but somewhere along the way I started losing interest until I was reading just to finish. I think it just became too predictable which I think a lot of books have that problem these days but with this book I felt like I had already read it. Character development was just okay at best and stagnant at its worst. I wanted so badly to love this book because I love Jennifer L. Armentrout but I just couldn’t. As soon as I finished it I picked up another book which is very telling to me because I typically experience book hangovers after reading a good book and I just wasn’t feeling this one.

We see Mallory go from barely able to speak to anyone to eventually giving a speech in front of her speech class. Throughout the book she finds her voice and even though she’s not 100% by the end of the book she still progressed quite a bit. Overall she’s not a very strong character and I think the nickname “Mouse” fits her perfectly.

Rider has a bit more depth to him at least. While Mallory is well aware of her issues thanks to therapists and caring adoptive parents, Rider lives in denial. Although he has escaped the terrible conditions of his and Mallory’s foster home he continues to believe that he’ll amount to nothing. Midway through the book Mallory and Rider switch roles; Mallory goes from being meek to becoming more self-assured and Rider goes from being cocky and confident to unsure of himself and feeling unworthy of love. His journey to finding his self worth kept me going to the end of course I’m a sucker for HEAs.


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About the Author:

Jennifer L Armentrout# 1 New York Times and # 1 International Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All
the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. Her young adult romantic suspense novel DON’T LOOK BACK was a 2014 nominated Best in Young Adult Fiction by YALSA.

She also writes Adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

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Review: The Bookworm Box


 Rating: 5 Bookworms

This month I was fortunate enough to be gifted the April Bookworm Box for review and I received it about a week ago! I’ve unfortunately have had a lot going on in my life so I’m just now getting around to reviewing it. The Bookworm Box is a monthly subscription service. So what that means is that every month a beautiful purple box will appear in your mailbox/front door full of bookish goodness.

Let’s start with what this box included:

  1. Honesty by Seth King (signed)
  2. Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan (signed)
  3. A Bookworm Box pen
  4. A Bookworm Box sticker
  5. A Bookworm Box sticker
  6. and a couple of promotional bookmarks
*coffe not included

Okay, first off that’s a ton of stuff. It came with two books. TWO. Most monthly subscription services only come with one and they’re usually not signed. The Bookworm Box swag that comes with it is freaking adorable and I’m already regularly using the pen and car charger. And can you ever have no many bookmarks? No. The answer is most definitely no.


What’s super impressive about The Bookworm Box is that all proceeds after overhead costs go to charity! I know, crazy right! The proceeds of the April box went to:

  • No Place For Hate
  • Margie Long scholarship fund
  • Team in Training Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • The Family Service Bureau of Newark
  • Jackie Boyd Soul Brothers Foundation
  • Buddy Bench
  • The Turban Project for Cancer Patients
  • Tulsa Youth Rowing Association
  • The Auto-Inflammatory Alliance
  • The Gina McReynolds Foundation
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

How awesome is that?! ELEVEN charities! Even without the signed books and swag I would want to sign up for this. It’s literally the perfect way to get cool stuff and give back. Oh, and did I forget to mention that The Bookworm Box was created by the Colleen Hoover? Oh, well it’s true! Which makes this box that much cooler.

I have subscribed to many bookish monthly subscription services in the past and this is by farrrrr the best one. It’s totally worth the money ($39.99 + $10 domestic shipping) and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice bookish surprise every month.

p.s. The Bookworm Box has a brick and mortar location in Sulphur Springs, TX. Thinking of making a trip to Texas just to visit!

Review:#Swag by Cambria Hebert



Rating: 5 Bookworms

Goodreads Synopsis:

These drivers got #swag…

Racing is in her DNA.
Right alongside money and power.
When you’re the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country,
you have to work harder for success.
Joey Gamble’s a girl on a male-dominated track.
With a daddy who can buy whatever she wants.
But she doesn’t want anything… except to EARN her reputation.

Racing is his passion.
Trouble follows him everywhere. Some even say he invites it.
When you’re nipping at the taillights of the best driver in the new NRR,
you have to fight and claw for each and every success.
It’s never been easy for Lorhaven.
That’s why he doesn’t play by the rules.
He’s a man with a serious chip on his shoulder against the pro racing circuit.
We at GearShark want to know what’s up with that.

We’ve also been hearing rumblings…
of a pro who wants to go indie.

We’ve invited racing royalty and the driver from the wrong side of the tracks to sit down and talk to us about a possible crossover.
We expected sparks to fly when Joey and Lorhaven crossed paths.
Will those sparks ignite into a full-on inferno?

My Thoughts:

I think the real person with #Swag here is Cambria Hebert. I became a fan of Cambria after reading #Junkie. I was laid up in bed after getting my wisdom teeth removed and #Junkie somehow came my way and it was love at first chapter. Through her #Hashtag series and more I love every word Cambria types. Now onto the book.

Now it must be said that this is the third book in the GearShark series so we have seen these characters before however I feel as though this can be read as a standalone.

When we meet Lorhaven he is portrayed as an asshole and lets be honest he totally is. However, in #Swag we see a completely different side of Lorhaven a.k.a Jace. Sweet, gentle, kind, understanding, loving, and lovable. Basically everything you want in a book boyfriend.We learn about his past and more importantly why he is so rude to everyone.There’s a lot more to Lorhaven than meets the eye and I had no idea that he had so much depth to him. In the previous books we get small glimpses of his true character but it doesn’t do him justice.

Joey Gamble has had to prove herself over and over again to the male dominated racing world. The other drivers think of her as a spoiled daddy’s girl that paid her way into the sport and despite her wins is viewed as a not worthy competitor.She’s tired of having to constantly fight and defend herself.

When Joey (or Josie as Jace calls her) first meets Lorhaven, a fellow driver, she can’t stand him and for good reason. After being forced to do an interview and photoshoot with him the sparks start flying and their chemistry is simply undeniable. The heat leaps off the page (I swear I burned myself) and fast as race car I fell in love in love with Jace and Josie.

Everything Cambria writes is magic and I can’t wait for #Blur, the next book in the series. The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t end here. The next book may be about is brother, Arrow, but I know we’ll see plenty of my fave couple.


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About the Authorcambria hebert

Cambria Hebert is a latte sipping author of the Heven & Hell series, the Death Escorts series, and the Take It Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book.

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Review: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Mud Vein

Rating: 4 Bookworms

Goodreads Synopsis:

When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat… and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free.

My Thoughts:

This book is not what I expected at all and that’s why I love it. I picked this up after finishing F*ck Love, another book by Tarryn (the first I had ever read), and I was shocked when I started reading because they are nothing alike. If it weren’t for the same heart and passion behind the writing I would say that it was written by a completely different author. I’m so used to authors writing the same cookie cutter books in which they just change the name of the character and voila a new book. Reading this was like a breath of fresh air. Not something I would normally pick up but I was hooked from the first page. I just had to know who her captor was and why she was in there and how she got there. This book takes you on a journey to discovery and you’ll happily go along for the ride.

“What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”
“One is a choice, and one is not.”

Senna is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever come across. She seems to merely exist, living day to day with no clear purpose. Because of everything she has been through she decides that not feeling at all is better than feeling too much, and when you find out everything she has been through you won’t blame her. There are times while she’s captured that she feels like giving up, at points she does give up, and if it wasn’t for Isaac she may not have made it out at all. In a way being captured helped heal her and made her realize certain things about herself that she never would have if she hadn’t been captured. I found myself rooting for Senna and even though this book doesn’t necessarily have an HEA I was satisfied with the ending.

“You’ve been silent your whole life. You were silent when we met, silent when you suffered. Silent when life kept hitting you. I was like that too, a little. But not like you. You are a stillness. And I tried to move you. It didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t move me. I heard everything you didn’t say. I heard it so loudly that I couldn’t shut it off. Your silence, Senna, I hear it so loudly.”

Isaac found Senna when she was at her lowest and then refused to leave. He was there for her when literally no one else was, sacrificing his own social life and relationships in order to tend to her, and he was happy to do it. He made Senna feel safe even though he was a complete stranger, which was quite a feat at the time given the circumstances. He’s absolutely selfless and, even if she doesn’t realize it, is exactly what Senna needs. He stands with Senna through some of the darkest moments of her life even though she keeps trying to push him away.

I think everyone would like to have an Isaac in their life: someone who won’t leave no matter how tough it gets. Isaac doesn’t go through the same transformation that Senna does throughout the book. He’s actually the only constant in the book and in Senna’s life. But it was inspiring seeing him stick by her side through thick and thin, his soulmate to the very end.

“He kissed me with color, with drumbeat, and a surgeon’s precision. He kissed me with who he was, the sum of his life—and it was all encompassing. I wondered what I kissed him with since I was only broken parts.”

I would say that the only thing that somewhat bothered me about this book was the big reveal of who the captor was. I was left feeling like “Really? That’s who it was?” I was expecting like a huge bombshell and instead it sort of fell flat for me. However, all of the other elements of the book wayyy make up for it.


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About the Authortarrynauthorpic

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Tarryn Fisher is cooler than you, but not one to rub it in your face. She graduated first in her class at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a lover of human nature, and a real life villain (House of Slytherin). Her heart is dark, but she loves you with it anyway. Currently she lives in Washington with her son and daughter, and just finished her eighth novel, F*ck Love, which is now available.

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Review: Smut by Karina Halle


Rating: 5 bookworms

Goodreads Book Description:

What happens when the kink between the pages leads to heat between the sheets?

All Blake Crawford wants is to pass his creative writing course, get his university degree, and take over his dad’s ailing family business. What Amanda Newland wants is to graduate at the top of her class, as well as finally finish her novel and prove to her family that writing is a respectful career.

What Blake and Amanda don’t want is to be paired up with each other for their final project, but that’s exactly what they both get when they’re forced to collaborate on a writing piece. Since Amanda thinks Blake is a pushy asshole (with a panty-melting smirk and British accent) and Blake thinks Amanda has a stick up her ass (though it’s a brilliant ass), they fight tooth and nail until they discover they write well together. They also may find each other really attractive, but that’s neither here nor there.

When their writing project turns out to be a success, the two of them decide to start up a secret partnership using a pen name, infiltrating the self-publishing market in the lucrative genre of erotica. Naturally, with so much heat and passion between the pages, it’s not long before their dirty words become a dirty reality. Sure, they still fight a lot, but at least there’s make-up sex now.

But even as they start to fall hard for each other, will their burgeoning relationship survive if their scandalous secret is exposed? Or are happily-ever-afters just a work of fiction?

My Thoughts:

I LOVE SMUT. Seriously, I do! I’m a fan of Karina Halle but after this book I’m for sure one-clicking her other works. I always enjoy a book where the main character is a writer/reader because that is an instant connection for me but with the amount of personality these characters have it’s hard to find something not to love. The banter between Amanda and Blake had me smiling like a goof and, more times than not, laughing out loud at their crazy antics.

“My idea of romance is a guy who will take me to see an Avengers film and doesn’t mind dressing up like Loki afterwards.”

Amanda is your stereotypical goody two-shoes: rarely goes out, is hyper-focused on school, and hates all things bad boy, especially Blake. She is trying to prove to her family and, most importantly, to herself that she can make writing her career. However, in trying to prove this she forgets to have fun that is until Blake comes along…

My cheeks flame. Damn.
“You’re speechless,” he says after a beat.
I clear my throat a few times. “I’m trying to think of a witty comeback.”
“Don’t think so much then.”

Blake is your typical British bad boy. Loves to sleep around with zero attachments and absolutely no drama but what he can’t quite figure out is why Amanda hates him so much. Blake is struggling with his responsibility of one day soon taking over his dads failing bookshop. His one true (secret) desire to one day become an author. He is also trying to mend the broken relationship he has with his dad all while trying to finish out his last semester without any more drama.

When these two come together for a writing assignment they quickly realize that the chemistry that they have doesn’t just apply to writing. What starts out as an assignment grows into an unstoppable writing duo and as the sparks start flying so does their clothes, but is their relationship doomed from the start?

“She’s a nerd on the streets and a freak in the sheets.”

I really thought that this book was very well written. I love how the stigma of reading smut was addressed; how some characters are totally opposed to it and think less of them for reading/writing smut. Definitely recommend.

p.s. I nearly died reading the prologue! It was hilarious and embarrassing (for Amanda) and I literally had big eyes and my hand over my slack mouth as I read it.


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About the Author

Karina Halle is a former travel writer and music Karina Hallejournalist and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky, Racing the Sun, The Pact, Love, in English, The Artists Trilogy, Dirty Angels and over 20 other wild and romantic reads. She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her rescue pup, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books.

Halle is represented by the Waxman Leavell Agency and is both self-published and published by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster and Hachette in North America and in the UK.

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Review: Dirty by Kylie Scott


Rating: 4 Bookworms

Goodreads Synopsis:

The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her.

Lydia Green doesn’t know whether to burn down the church or sit and cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out it’s with his best man is another thing all together. She narrowly escapes tying the knot and meets Vaughan only hours later.

Vaughan is the exact opposite of the picture perfect, respected businessman she thought she’d marry. This former musician-turned-bartender is rough around the edges and unsettled. But she already tried Mr. Right and discovered he’s all wrong-maybe it’s time to give Mr. Right Now a chance.

After all, what’s wrong with getting dirty?

My Thoughts:

Kylie does it again! I love love love her Stage Dive series and this series, Dive Bar, has the same vibe to it. I love me a good bad boy and this one has it in spades. It’s a bit fast-paced but I like that about this book. The romance is hot and instantaneous and I appreciate that every once in a while, especially when it is well written. The first couple of chapters had me laughing out loud and I immediately fell head over heels in love with Lydia and Vaughn.

“Thank god for coffee. Coffee understood. Coffee was my friend.”

Lydia is preparing for what is supposed to be the best day of her life when she is hit with a bombshell. In her attempt to escape she ends up breaking down in a strangers bathtub, strange I know, and starts contemplating the direction her life has gone in. After being discovered by Vaughn, the aforementioned stranger, she sets about getting her life back on track, discovering who she is, and what she wants out of life. With the help of a group of misfits Lydia starts to feel some semblance of normalcy until she starts feeling things for Vaughn and that’s not in either of their plans.

I like Lydia’s raw honesty throughout the book. She knows that she’s a hot mess but makes strides everyday to better herself. Her questionable decisions have landed her in her current predicament and she’s determined not to make the same mistakes again.

“What to go out with me tonight after work, Vaughan?”
… “You asking me out on a date, Lydia?”
“Yes,” I said. “I am.”
“Babe, I’d love to.” His hand rose to the back of my neck, stroking, drawing me closer. Hot damn, did he have the moves. The man turned my mind to mush.

Vaughn is trying to figure out his next move after is band breaks up. Deciding to take a trip home to recharge, but imagine his surprise when he goes to take a shower and finds a bride in there. Once he determines that she isn’t insane he sets about helping her get her life together. However, Vaughn doesn’t have his life together either. After being MIA from his family and friends lives for years he is now trying to play catch up. Determined to not give up on his dream of making it in the music business he doesn’t plan on staying in town long, that is until his relationship with Lydia gets complicated.

Vaughn is your typical rocker: doesn’t stay in one place for too long and doesn’t believe in longterm relationships, however with the rift in his family widening he’s starting to feel guilty for being gone for so long. His story will resonate with a lot of people, the struggle of wanting to pursue your dreams versus your family responsibility.

“You’ve got drama too?” 
A shrug. “Doesn’t everyone?”
“A side effect of breathing, I guess?”

You know how the saying goes: The best way to get over someone is to get under somebody else. That certainly rings true for but with Vaughn’s infinite patience and understanding Lydia isn’t sure that a rebound is all she wants anymore.

This is a feel good romance that’ll make you laugh out loud. The characters are crazy and real and that is what makes them so relatable. I call this a rainy day read because it doesn’t have a very complicated plot and it’s an easy lite read.


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About the AuthorKylie Scott

Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian
Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into six different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

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Review: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas


Rating: 5 bookworms

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.

Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.

With more than a million copies sold of her beloved Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas’s masterful storytelling brings this second book in her seductive and action-packed series to new heights.

My Thoughts:

loved this book. There is seriously no part about it that I didn’t like. If I could shout it from the rooftops I would. I’ve been telling every bibliophile I know how amazing this book is. I think this is the first time that I enjoy the sequel way more than the first book and I liked the first book! Sarah J. Maas has truly outdone herself with this book.

“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”

Rhysand is perceived as the enemy, specifically he is Tamlin’s enemy and given Feyre’s relationship with him that makes him her enemy as well. In A Court of Thorns and Roses Rhysand is widely known as a whore and traitor but towards the end of  we start seeing the real side of him. Rhys, Lord of the Night Court, is willing to do/sacrifice absolutely anything for his people and when you see that in action it’s almost awe inspiring and this is a fictional character people!

He sees a side of Feyre that nobody else gets, not even Tamlin. He treats her like an equal; with respect and an infinite amount of patience. We start to see the different sides of him: the side he shows his close friends and the side he shows the other Lords. He is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever read and Maas executes it perfectly.

“I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal.
I was a survivor, and I was strong.
I would not be weak, or helpless again
I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.”

After the events Under the Mountain Feyre is left feeling broken. She doesn’t eat, can’t sleep, doesn’t trust anyone and seems to merely exist day to day without feeling or experiencing anything. Tamlin isn’t helping matters with his overbearing nature and need to protect her at all times. It isn’t until she goes to the Night Court that she seems to come alive again. She befriends people that have gone through great tragedy, much like she has, but has come out on the other end stronger than ever and she needs that kind of hope in her life. Rhys is a good influence on her. He understands her, not just because of the bond that they share, but also because he too has faced unspeakable things and is haunted by them.

Rhys and Feyre compliment each other perfectly. Their chemistry is undeniable and the way he lets her do her thing is seriously #relationshipgoals. The whole cast of this books is amazing and the comrade they have is some of the best I’ve seen. This book wayyyy surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait wait wait for the next book! Definitely a 10/10 for me and one of my favorite books to date.


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About the Author:

Sarah J. MaasSarah J. Maas is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series (Queen of Shadows, Book 4, will be out in September 2015), as well as the A Court of Thorns and Roses series (out 5/5/15).

Sarah lives in Bucks County, PA, and over the years, she has developed an unhealthy appreciation for Disney movies and bad pop music. She adores fairy tales and ballet, drinks too much tea, and watches an ungodly amount of TV. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found exploring the historic and beautiful Pennsylvania countryside with her husband and canine companion.

WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads